ASUS ROG GL752VL - Right Side

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Right Side

Headphone/Headset jack

This port allows you to connect amplified speakers or

headphones. You can also use this port to connect your


NOTE: This port does not support three-conductor 3.5 mm


Microphone input jack port

The microphone input jack port is used to connect your

Notebook PC to an external microphone.

USB 2.0 port

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is compatible with USB 2.0

or USB 1.1 devices such as keyboards, pointing devices, flash

disk drives, external HDDs, speakers, cameras and printers.

Optical drive (on selected models)

Your Notebook PC’s optical drive may support several disc formats

such as CDs, DVDs, and/or Blu-ray discs (BD) that may have

recordable or rewritable capabilities.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Optical disc drive manual eject hole

The manual eject hole is used to eject the drive tray in case the

electronic eject button does not work.

WARNING! Use the manual eject hole only when the electronic

eject button does not work. For more details, refer to the Using the

optical drive section in this manual.

Kensington® security slot

The Kensington® security slot allows you to secure your

Notebook PC using Kensington® compatible Notebook PC

security products.

Optical disc drive eject button

Press this button to eject the optical drive tray.

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Notebook PC E-Manual