ASUS ROG GL752VL - Using the optical drive

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Using the optical drive


The actual location of the electronic eject button may vary

depending on your Notebook PC model.

The actual appearance of the Notebook PC optical drive may also

vary depending on model but usage procedures remain the same.

Inserting an optical disc


While the Notebook PC is on, press the electronic eject button to

partially eject the optical drive tray.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Gently pull out the drive tray.

IMPORTANT! Be careful not to touch the optical drive lens. Ensure that

there are no objects that may get jammed under the drive tray.


Hold the disc by the edge, with its printed side up, then gently

place it inside the hub.


Push down the disc’s plastic hub until it snaps onto the optical

drive hub.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



Push the drive tray gently to close the optical drive.

NOTE: While data is being read, it is normal to hear some spinning and

vibrating in the optical drive.

Using the manual eject hole

The manual eject hole is located on the optical drive door and is used to

eject the optical drive tray in case the electronic eject button does not


To manually eject the optical drive tray, insert a straightened paper clip

into the manual eject hole until the drive tray opens.

WARNING! Use the manual eject hole only when the electronic eject

button does not work.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

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Notebook PC E-Manual


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