ASUS ROG GL752VL - Configuring a dynamic IP/PPPoE network connection

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Configuring a dynamic IP/PPPoE network



Launch Settings.

2. Select

Network & Internet.

3. Select

Ethernet > Network and Sharing Center.


Select your LAN then select Properties.

5. Select

Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) then

select Properties.

6. Select

Obtain an IP address automatically then

select OK.

NOTE: Proceed to the next steps if you are using PPPoE connection.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



Return to the Network and Sharing Center

window then select Set up a new connection or


8. Select

Connect to the Internet then select Next.

9. Select

Broadband (PPPoE).

10. Type your User name, Password, and Connection

name then select Connect.

11. Select

Close to finish the configuration.

12. Select on the taskbar then select the

connection you just created.

13. Type your user name and password then select

Connect to start connecting to the Internet.