ASUS ROG GL752VL - Hardware FAQs

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Hardware FAQs


A black dot, or sometimes a colored dot, appears onscreen

when I turn on the Notebook PC. What should I do?
Although these dots normally appear onscreen, they will not

affect your system. If the incident continues and subsequently

affects system performance, consult an authorized ASUS service



My display panel has an uneven color and brightness. How

can I fix this?
The color and brightness of your display panel may be affected

by the angle and current position of your Notebook PC. The

brightness and color tone of your Notebook PC may also vary per

model. You may use the function keys or the display settings in

your operating system to adjust the appearance of your display



How can I maximize my Notebook PC ‘s battery life?
You can try doing any of the following suggestions:

Use the function keys to adjust the display brightness.

If you are not using any Wi-Fi connection, switch your

system into Airplane mode.

Disconnect unused USB devices.

Close unused applications, especially those that take up too

much system memory.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


My battery charge indicator does not light up. What’s wrong?

Check whether the power adapter or battery pack is

attached correctly. You may also disconnect the power

adapter or battery pack, wait for a minute, then reconnect

them again to the power outlet and Notebook PC.

If the problem still exists, contact your local ASUS service

center for assistance.


Why is my touchpad not working?


to enable your touchpad.


When I play audio and video files, why can’t I hear any sound

from my Notebook PC’s audio speakers?
You can try doing any of the following suggestions:


to turn up the speaker volume.

Check if your speakers were set to mute.

Check if a headphone jack is connected to your Notebook

PC and remove it.


What should I do if my Notebook PC’s power adapter gets lost

or my battery stops working?

Contact your local ASUS service center for assistance.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



My Notebook PC cannot do keystrokes correctly because my

cursor keeps on moving. What should I do?
Make sure that nothing accidentally touches or presses on your

touchpad while you type on the keyboard. You can also disable

your touchpad by pressing



Instead of showing letters, pressing the “U”, “I”, and “O” keys

on my keyboard displays numbers. How can I change this?

Press the

key or

(on selected models) on your

Notebook PC to turn off this feature and use the said keys for

inputting letters.

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Notebook PC E-Manual