ASUS ROG GL752VL - Useful tips for your Notebook PC

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Useful tips for your Notebook PC

To help you maximize the use of your Notebook PC, maintain its system

performance, and ensure all your data are kept secured, here are some

useful tips that you can follow:

Update Windows® periodically to ensure that your applications

have the latest security settings.

Use an anti-virus software to protect your data and keep this

updated too.

Unless absolutely necessary, refrain from using force shutdown to

turn off your Notebook PC.

Always backup your data and make it a point to create a backup

data in an external storage drive.

Refrain from using the Notebook PC at extremely high

temperatures. If you are not going to use your Notebook PC for a

long period of time (at least a month), we recommend that you

take out the battery if the battery is removable.

Disconnect all external devices and ensure you have the following

items prior to resetting your Notebook PC:


Product key for your operating systems and other installed



Backup data


Log in ID and password


Internet connection information

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